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By: Christy M
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Call of Duty Ghosts Aimbots

Aimbots, as the name clearly shows, are full bots (like robots) that aim for you when your playing CoD Ghosts in any Multiplayer match. Most aim bots will not just aim for you, they also have auto fire and kill all enemy targets in range. These kind of cheats are especially effective on any online server or FPS game that has realistic physics engines (shooting through walls). These so called wallhacks will allow the user to use his bot to lock onto the enemy through walls you can penetrate and kill them instantly. Aimbots we provide can be toggled on or off using the in game menu. Once activate you simply push your button (that you choose) to activate locking on and firing, when one enemy is taken down the weapon snaps to the next.

Aimbots in Call of Duty ghosts are very effective when used with any weapon in the game, but usually high caliber guns that hold lots of ammo work better because you don’t have to reload as often. When playing you can keep the aimbot active at all times and use bullet penetration to take out players in a 360 degree radius around you, it’s amazingly fun. Aimbots are easy to spot and if you don’t use them with a little caution everyone on the server will know your using one. Some people don’t really care and tend to rage and kill everyone, others like to look legit while still coming out on top each round.

call of duty ghosts aimbot

Call of Duty Ghosts ESP and Wallhacks

Wallhacks are the most used and infamous, or famous ESP hack  out there in CoD to date. ESP stands for Extrasensory Perception and this means your hack will display full on screen info that you usually can’t perceive, such as fully being able to see the enemy through walls, enemy health, class, weapon, rank or display hidden enemies on your minimap. Wall hacks are the most used ESP hacks in Call of Duty Ghosts because they are not noticed as easy as aimbots, but they still give you a huge advantage over the enemy players.

Our wall hack will allow you to spot the enemy behind any wall and track their full movement through or behind buildings and objects. Even though the hack isn’t nearly as obvious as the full aimbot, that can headshot 10 people per second through walls, it’s still noticeable: People that get killed over and over again in impossible situations, will notice and might report you, but it doesn’t matter because nobody gets banned in Ghosts anyway.  =)

Problems when it comes to Hacking and Free Hacks in CoDG

The main problem people run into using free CoD hacks is that they eventually get detected. Developers and anti-cheat companies always go after free hacks but tend to shy away from paid hack sites. So if you go to a free forum and download a hack you are risking your key as well as other problems. So developers of free cheats don’t really care what happens, they simply toss the cheat online for everyone to use.

10th time out for the Call of Duty franchise and released in early November 2013, its release coincided with the next-generation consoles from PlayStation and Microsoft, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively. In their 6th production by Infinity Ward in the Call of Duty series, the very popular first-person shooter game also involved work by Certain Affinity, Neversoft and Raven Software.

The video game is available on the following platforms:
• PlayStation 3 and 4
• Microsoft Windows (PC version)
• Xbox 360 & Xbox One
• Wii U

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The reviews have been split in the middle according to Metacritic, with fans hailing the improvements made in the multiplayer mode as well as rave reviews for the Extinction mode of the game. Some quarters of loyal Call of Duty gamers however, were disappointed with what they viewed as a lack of creativity and a failure to improve Ghosts’ single-player gameplay over the last installment.

A common thread of discontent is that familiar concepts were repurposed for the single-player campaign making it a bit stale. Overall, this article will cover a bit more of what this game is all about and why its gained a huge new following as well as winning the hearts of hardcore Call of Duty fans.

Call of Duty Ghosts God Mode: No Way!

You will see videos and other websites saying they have a “God Mode Hacks” for CoD Ghosts, this is simply NOT true. Hacking the health of any online player is not possible because health and other code is not on your computer, it’s on the server you play. If the health was on your PC everyone would try to cheat and the game would end up never being played again. Please do not go to sites or download God Mode Trainers, Hacks or Cheats, because all of them are simply trying to get your money or steal data from you and infect your PC.

The Storyline

A mass event decimates the American Government, military and way of life as we know it. Set in a world following the annihilation of the politically and economically sensitive region, the Middle East, it is a tale of immense greed and the hunger for power and control. The Ghosts are a U.S Special Force type unit, highly skilled at what they do which is to execute top secret missions in enemy territory. The game is a family affair involving the Walkers with Captain Elias Walker heading the Ghosts and his two sons joining him in the fight (David aka “Hesh” and Logan) as well as Sergeant Keegan P. Russ and Captain Thomas A. Merrick. An equivalent to the wolf in Game of Thrones is the specially trained German Shepherd, Riley, who accompanies and fights alongside the Ghosts on their missions.

With a great storyline worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, the story is about the follow-on from the destruction of the oil rich Middle East region and the coming together of South American oil-rich nations in a “Federation”. Because the thick black stuff is now in short supply and the Federation has the world’s supply under its control, what follows is a strengthening of its power, consolidating the territories of the Caribbean and Central America into Federation control. A former Ghost and friend of Elias, Gabriel Rorke now works for the Federation following his capture and subsequent torture.

The objective of the game is to save The United States of America by stopping the Federation forces who have managed to wrest control of ODIN (Orbital Defense Initiative) which is a space station. ODIN controls a powerful weapon capable of razing to the ground entire US cities from outer space.

Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks

The story follows the quest of the Ghosts to defeat the Federation featuring underwater fight scenes as well as deep in the Amazon jungle. The Walkers exchange fire with Rorke in their bid to secure “No Man’s Land” against advancing Federation forces. The action takes you halfway across the world, from the US-Mexico border, via Santa Monica to Rio De Janeiro to Antarctica.


Just like all the previous Call of Duty installments, there are multiple levels in Ghosts. However, what’s different is the next-gen hardware and never been seen before environment all coming together to create a whole new gaming experience.

One of the most talked about level is “Into The Deep” which is an underwater campaign whose objective is to take out an enemy ship from well, underwater. As one fan remarked via twitter during a Call of Duty: Ghosts All Access Event “ The fish actually move away”. The graphics are spot on and really life like and this level showed clearly the direction Infinity Ward are taking the Call of Duty franchise.

The most innovative addition and something that’s never really been done before is the introduction of Riley, popularly known as the COD dog. The fact that Riley is actually a character that can be controlled and used to help the players achieve their objectives is something thats cool.

Never before Call of Duty Ghosts has a dog played such an important role in a game. For this reason Rile y has been called a “Badass” among other endearing terms.

Other features in the multiplayer mode of COD Ghosts which are new to this installment are the advanced maps. They are now dynamic and contain areas where players can change them or totally wreck havoc and destroy them.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

New mechanics and weapons include improvement to the sniper rifle, allowing you to see around the sides of the scope and zoom in even closer to the enemy using what is known as “dual render technology”.

Popular maps in Call of Duty Ghosts include the following:
• Stonehaven
• Chasm
• Flooded
• Prison break
• Octane
• Siege
• Sovereign
• …many more

The different maps allows you to experience different environments and there are surprises at every corner with unexpected twists and turns.

Another great improvement is the introduction of squads. Great for online gameplay, you can form a squad with your friends and face-off with another squad halfway across the world. Successfully completing a mission while in squad mode will mean your squad levels up and is playable just as you would play an individual character. Each squad can contain up to 10 members, all customizable from skill level to weapons and gadgets.

The following game types are available:
• Squad v Squad – pit your squads against each other for a fight to the death
• Safeguard – an enhancement of the COD Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode where you and friends are fighting for survival
• Wargame – join your squad mates to fight against an enemy team (AI)
There are so many multiplayer game modes its going to be a while before the novelty of the game wears off. The fact that there are also many levels means that there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the game.

What Is It Like To Play?

You will enjoy the smooth graphics, precise controls and excellent multiplayer gaming but for the individual solo gaming mode, I must admit, there is something slightly lacking in bringing ‘new’ to the table. The look of the game and the feel of it are truly superb but there is something missing in the creativity of the story line. It may be that the game is moving into a new and un-ventured setting which can make some fans feel a little uncomfortable about the new direction.

I think the fact that your enemy remains faceless makes it difficult to understand the reasoning behind their actions. Why did they really create the catastrophe in the first? Another slight issue with the game is that it is a little predictable, many of the dramatic elements are expected making them less dramatic and somewhat cheesy.

Despite these hangups the game does have a lot in its favour. You can enjoy all the big shoot outs and blow up action, blasting your way through the new levels. It sounds unlikely to be floating in outer space or diving deep into the ocean to complete your missions, but these levels do actually work really well to give the game some body.

As well as the creation of new and interesting levels you will discover that the creators have done away with the pre-mission map load screens. These Maps have been cleverly replaced with detailed and interesting cut screens which enable you to get a better understanding of what the next level entails.

You will enjoy the extremely smooth controls in the online gaming mode making it very playable and fun. You are sure to get sucked into the competitive nature of the game in the competitive modes of the game. Other great features in the multi player modes are those of the Team Death Match options, along with the sections that suddenly fill with smoke across your maps makes for a thrilling game. You find yourself having to get almost up close and personal to your opponent before you can decide whether or not to kill them.

In addition to your multiplayer experience is the ability to summon Riley the faithful hound, he will support you and your team while you fight for supremacy.

Overall the game offers what most fans will want from a Call of Duty title; plenty of shooting, bombing, air strikes and story lines. What you really gain is the extra interest from new levels and the addition of Riley the dog. With exciting levels like the water and space levels, although slightly futuristic and implausible, they never the less provide new content to keep fans interested.

The graphics are improved and somewhat impressive and the multiplayer modes are great with detailed and fantastic maps.The solo missions are perhaps a little less exciting than the multiplayer modes but it follows the expected story line, excellent weaponry and stunning graphics.
The game ends with a open ending, leaving room for future expansion of the Ghosts series. We can be sure that there will be more in the pipelines for the Call of Duty franchise.

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