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Team Fortress 2 Hacks

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Cheat Features: This Feature List Will Vary Depending on the Cheat Your Using.

Autobot - Locks on and kills the enemy faster than you can
AimThru - Makes it so the aimbot can kill through objects
AimAt - Tell the aimbot what to aim at
AimKey - Set your key to use for the aimbot
Visibility Check - Makes sure a player can be hit before firing
BoneScan - Tell the aimbot what bone to hit (IE: head, chest, etc)
AutoSwitch - Changes to the next enemy player after your kill
Autoshoot - Fires for you automatically and kills faster
AutoWall - Penetrates all walls and kills people behind them
Field Of View - Let's the aimbot see all around you 360 degrees
Human Aim - Makes the aimbot appear to be a human
Aim Speed - Make the aimbot aim super fast or slower
Ping Correction - Corrects the aimbot depending on your ping

Name - Displays the name of all players on the screen
Fade - Special effect to make targets fade out at distance
Distance - Tells you how far away each player is from you
Skeleton - Shows you the player skeleton
Weapon - Shows every weapon and it's name
BoundingBox - Box around players for easier targeting
See Dropped Weapons - Shows you every dropped weapon on the map
Explosives, Rockets, Bombs - Always see every explosive
Sentry Gun - See every sentry gun location
Teleporter - See every teleporter location
Barrel ESP - Shows the direction a player is looking
Snap Lines - Draws a line from your position to the enemy
Explosive warning - Warns you before you blow yourself up
Enemy warning - Warns you of a close enemy player
2D Radar - Shows all enemy on the radar screen
Configurable - Change all colors for every ESP item

Player Chams - Makes it so character models glow bright colors
Full Wallhack - See all players behind the walls
Lambert - All player models appear brighter
Configure - Change colors for both team and enemy players

Auto Fire - When aimbot acquires a target the bot fires for you
Triggerbot - Will fire only when an enemy is in your crosshair

Friends List - Add any friends to the list and you'll never kill them
Hit List - Add names to the list just to kill them over and over

BOXES (2D & 3D)
Player Boxes (2D and 3D)
Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

Shows all players
Configurable Colors
Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
Configurable Position

Configurable Color
Configurable Size
Configurable Structure

No Flash - You no longer see a flash
No Smoke & No Fog - All smoke and fog items removed
No Recoil - Removes weapon recoil from every gun
No Spread - Removes bullet spread from all weapons

Proximity Alert - Tells you when the enemy is near
Aiming At Your Warnings - Tells you when the enemy is aiming at you

Speedhack - Configure key and speed
Spin Hack - Spin around like a nut
Draw Fps - Draws the frame rate on screen
Draw Time - Draws time on screen
Draw Resolution - Tells you the resolution
Crosshair - Keeps a crosshair in the middle of your screen

Brand new anti-cheat built into our loader for added protection
Driver mode to help keep you hidden from developers
sv_cheats bypass
sv_consistency bypass
sv_pure bypass
Memory Scan Bypass
Screenshot Bypass

Save Settings
Load Settings
Delete Settings
Auto-Load Settings
Move Cheat Menu
Mouse Controlled

Anit-Spawn Protection - Never get killed when you spawn
Name Stealer - Steal the name of any player and get them reported
Bunny Hop - Jump around like a crazy person or bunny
One shot kill - Kills any player with only one bullet hit
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