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    [new here] My past work

    Hello all, JUST found this place the other day and finally made the plunge for some sick hacks, and man does this site have them! ha

    Here is some of my old artwork that I have done.. nothing great, but just to show it to more people..

    I have a particular style.. and you will notice it as the sigs go on.. lol Also, they are in no particular order of creation...


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    sixcube, first of all welcome!

    Some very nice work there. I'm impressed.

    There are always people here looking for Avatars and sigs, so let me know if you are interested in setting up a graphics shop.

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    Those all look nice! Good work sir

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    Grunge work. The lost art

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    Thanks so much guys!

    And yes, grunge is a lost art! haha!

    I may take you up on the offer for the shop! Will PM you later!

    Thanks again guys!

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    .....nice work sixcube!

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