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Thread: Help !!!!!

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    Help !!!!!

    Well , im really stupid and I went on a website and got Public hacks , which of course was going to get me banned , because im impatient as f**k and i couldnt wait till it was recoded , but uhm I got a 1200 min ban , does that mean that after tomorrow or so i'll be able to join servers normally ? Thanks.

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    Now it says 137 minutes , but i got this ban like 2 hours ago . so is it permanent?!

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    Most likely but without a screen shoot or the whole message we cant tell you.

    You may want to check your computer for key loggers and Trojans as well. Pubs are notorious for that.

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    I will post a screenshot soon , one second.

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    Try it later cuz it looks like a admin ban but it may have been delayed ban from a previous time

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    Okay , will do , But last question is it permanent? I just bought this game yesterday :/

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    If it's only an admin ban then no, try to play on another server and see how that goes.

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    ....... and uninstall all that public hack crap off of your PC. Any files or folders containing any of that stuff.

    Also run a registry cleaner to get the garbage out of your registry.
    ccleaner is a good one and it's free to download.

    Also run your AV and do a complete scan of your PC. Getting Malwarebytes and running a full scan with it wouldn't hurt either.

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