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June 18th, 2014 by Christy


LAST UPDATE: (Today) Our new Battlefield 1 Hacks are online, you can register on the forum and download them instantly! The BF1 Aimbot features silent aim and has over 40 amazing features, it’s also undetected by Fair Fight.

We like to stay ahead of the crowd, and we just did it again with the new release BO3 (It’s another DAY ONE release)! R4Z8R (our coder) had the cheat online two hours before the game even went public! If that wasn’t enough we also plan to release the all new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Hack soon.

The new Black Ops 3 hack includes over 40 features including full Aimbot, ESP, No Recoil and so much more. You can get full access now by signing up on our forum. I posted a video below showing the BO3 Aimbot in action.

If your are looking for Cheats, Hacks or Bots to use in FPS PC Games, then you found the right place with your search. is a site dedicated to developing the best VIP Cheats in the world for Online PC Games, both Free 2 Play and Paid.

Our forums allow you to talk with other VIP Cheaters and Download Cheating Software developed by our experienced coders. We have been online for over eight years, and Trustworthiness is our primary goal.

We keep up with the best games on the market and release new hacks as soon as games come out. Here is a list of some of our new releases we just put out and our most popular cheats: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Nether, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Rust, Infestation Survivors Stories and Combat Arms. We have over 26 cheats releases, and you can see them all here on our forum. - PC and Online Game Hacks, Bots & Cheats




If your looking for Online First Person Shooters and trying to find ESP hacks, aimbots, and similar cheats: Our FPS Section will be very helpful for you. Enjoy your stay and have fun cheating.

We always release cheats before any other website and have the best protection to keep you undetected longer. The new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Hacks was just released as our new premier cheat!

Why We Cheat

The main reason we, as well as others, are cheating is the same reason we play games: To have lots of fun. The other reason is that some games require you to spend a tremendous amount of time and hours grinding away to get unlocks, gear and loot.

Our goal is to have fun with games, make them as enjoyable as possible, but not make them a full-time job. You can see from one of our favorite hack videos below that the game becomes more exciting when you have a full cheat to use, watch all the super fast enemy kills.

Some people have to cheat because they simply can’t seem to beat the kids that play for 400 hours or more. So that’s why we cheat in PC games.

We Love Playing these Games and Do Not Want To Harm Them

Some other cheating sites have different opinions on this issue: Here on we are not cheating to mess up the game or the game servers.

Some cheat sites like to code programs that do things like crash a server or mess the game up for everyone; we don’t believe in that.

Our coders provide useful hacks with ESP and aimbots so a user can decide how much help they need with a game. Some users simple want a small advantage by being able to see guns and the enemy at all times while other players need the aimbot to help them kill other players.

We have several reviews on the website where people tell us they love us for helping them enjoy their game more.

Your Trust is Our Goal

Our website has been around for over eight long years, we have a huge member review section, and we want you to trust us as well. Most new people searching for cheats are worried about signing up for most sites, but we do everything we can to let you know you can trust us.

First of all a payment provider won’t allow you to accept payments if you can’t be trusted, some other sites got shut down because they took advantage of others, we are here for you. Our forum mods provide excellent support, and we help you with any problems you might have, nobody here will treat you with disrespect, and you will enjoy your stay.

We want our VIP users to make their home, and we want you to join us. Also, keep in mind when you decide to join us all relevant information is collected offsite from our payment provider. Once you pay they relay the information back to us and your account is activated almost instantly. Here are a few reviews from some of our members.

How Do You Get Started?

How do you get started using our cheats? Simply head over to our cheats section on the forum and look over all the available shooter games we cover. Once you find one, you want to try you will register on our forum and then subscribe for VIP access. Once your a member a new private hack forum opens and you can instantly download and use your program.