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BF2142 Hacks (FPS)

Battlefield 2142 Hacks





Not all Battlefield 2142 Hacks are created equal in the world of gaming. Some give you a weak BF2142 Aimbot where others just focus on letting you download a simple BF2142 ESP or Battlefield 2142 Wallhack - We believe that our BF2142 Hacks are the absolute best in the game and will enable you to get better at the game. As always, there is extra security in our hacks to help with detection or loss of account. After all, our BF2142 Hacks Are the best Battlefield 2142 Hacks for a reason.

Battlefield 2142 Hacks Features:


  • Auto Aim/Auto Shoot
  • Full No Spread, All bullets hit dead on center
  • Full 360 FOV Aimbot, can even see behind you
  • Bone Scan, Find a bone to hit when the player hides
  • Aim key, Select and use any aimkey you want to use
  • Choose from different Hitboxes to aim for; Head/Neck/Chest/Waist
  • Select Enemies, Friends, or Everyone as your target
  • Smooth Aim, Makes you look like a normal player
  • Visibility Checks, Aimbot only locks on when player can be hit
  • Knifebot with boneaim to target any area of the enemy
  • Auto Knife, Will knife as soon as enemy is in range
  • Auto Pistol, Hold down the fire key and watch it auto unload
  • Target by closest to distance or closest to crosshair
  • Preferred Target Selection, Hut specific players down
  • Friendly Target Skip, List the names of friends you don't want to kill

  • Name Tags, Show names of all friendlies and enemies
  • Health Tags, Show health of all friendlies and enemies
  • Visual Tags, Shows an icon or frame around enemies
  • Class Tags, Show class of all enemies and friendlies
  • Distance Tags, Show the distance to all players
  • Smart Bounding Boxes, Enemy is red, Target is yellow

View Distance
  • Select from three varying distances to allow you to see the entire map

  • Remove Blur, Removes shellshock effect when explosions occur
  • Remove Grass, Removes Grass and other vegetation
  • Remove Sky, Blackens the sky to reveal silhouettes
  • Remove Fog, Removes fog to make enemies easier to see.
  • Remove Smoke, no more smoke from grenades or orbital strikes

  • Reveals enemy positions on the Minimap. Includes all vehicles, commander, enemy, etc.

  • Trigger Bot, Only fires when your crosshair hovers over the enemy
  • Two Tone Chams, Shows the players in bright colors
  • Spawn beacon Chams, find enemy spawn beacons with ease
  • Show FPS, Show how many frames per second you're running
  • Show Ping, Display your current ping on screen
  • Show Time, Display the current time in game
  • Show Kills, Display your current kill/death ratio
  • Visual Toggle, Makes many ingame objects disappear
  • Enemy Aim Warnings, Enemy name appears when aiming at you
  • Snap Lines, Renders a red line from the enemy aiming at you
  • No Post Production, EMP strikes no longer blind you
  • Kill Sounds, You can define your own kills sounds at the number of kills you like. See our BF2142 Extreme VIP forum for member submitted sounds

Hacks for Battlefield 2142 have been around since the beginning of the BF2142 series. Not much has changed since the start except the stigma that surrounds game hackers and cheaters. When people first started using hacks it was almost acceptable, many people complained but certainly it didn't create the type of hate it generates these days. There are many different reasons people hack, some do it just to see how angry they can make other players, and some do it because they want all the fame and attention that goes along with being an awesome player, but without taking the time to actually learn.

FPSCheats has been in the game hacking scene since 2006, running through all the popular FPS games from Battlefield to BF2142 and everything in between. No other website has been able to remain on the cutting edge of game hacks like FPSCHEATS has. Not only do we support every single FPS game worth mentioning, we are constantly updating our software so it stays ahead of the curve. Never again will you find yourself in an embarrassing situation because of a faulty or outdated game hack.

Our latest Battlefield offering is the ever so popular BF2142 game, this game was created by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and produced by Electronic Arts (EA) and it was released on October 18th 2006. It's sold over 3million copies world wide. BF2142 hacks are one of the most popular, if not the most popular hacks we offer to our users.


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